We are committed to the health and safety
of our staff and guest alike.

Our top priority has been bringing you Bittercreek in a way that protects the health of our staff and customers. So, while a lot of things will be the same, there are few things that will be different.

Things that are the same:

  • Good Beer!

  • The world’s best staff. 

  • Creaky Chairs that have grooves carved by a million real butts

  • Commitment to Locally & Ethically sourced ingredients

  • Grass-fed Burgers with Hand-cut Fries (& Alehosue ketchup)

  • Warm comfortable ambiance, even if it is a little dim. 


Change  #1. 

For the first time in 25 years, Bittercreek Alehouse is recommending reservations (yep, it feels weird to us too). We will only be seating about half the restaurant at any given time. If we have seating available, we can take walk-in customers, but we are expecting a (half) full house regularly. There will be a host stationed outdoors to escort you to your highly sanitized seating. 

Change #2: 

Our staff will be masked at all times, and practice social distancing inside and outside of the restaurant. We’ll also have a designated sanitation team to ensure that everything is properly cleaned. We have always maintained high standards of cleanliness, but we have taken it to a whole new level to ensure our customers feel comfortable joining us for a proper sit down meal.

Change #3: 

Only half of our tables will be sat. Historically, people have loved (hated) how packed and vibrant Bittercreek can feel. Now, we are only seating tables that are 6 ft apart. We experimented with taking the tables out, but it felt way too weird. So, expect to see some tables occupied with stuff besides diners. 

Change #4:

Staff will be getting thier temperature checked at the beginning and end of every shift. Their temps will be recorded to establish a baseline for each staff. Staff with warm temperatures will be sent home. 

Change #5:

We’re closing earlier than usual, which is still late for most places. We love being a late night hub for the weary, tired, thirsty, and insatiably hungry. But sometimes, when guests are weary, tired and thirsty, they’re not as good at social distancing.

Open For Dine-In

We are taking Covid-19 very seriously, and have made a lot of adjustment to our service to ensure a safe atmosphere for our staff and guests. Here is information about our safety procedures

Order To-Go Online

Many of your favorite Bittercreek Classics will be available, hot and ready in addition to Take & Bake meals, prepared meal kits, your favorite Bittercreek condiments, and a variety of to-go beverages.